Super Bomberman R Online Blasts onto Stadia September 1

The next Stadia exclusive, Super Bomberman R Online, is set to arrive on September 1. The base game will be freely available to Stadia Pro users so long as they stay subscribed, and they have until November 30 to claim the premium edition free of charge. After November 30, Stadia Pro users will have to buy the premium pack if they want access to its content. As for Stadia base users, they’ll have to buy the premium pack if they want access to the base game. The premium pack adds fourteen characters to the game, with each having their own special types and abilities. The pack also grants players the ability to host private matches.

Super Bomberman R Online - Battle 64

Super Bomberman R Online is largely the same game that Super Bomberman R, but with the new “Battle 64” battle royale mode and the return of Louies as power-ups. Battle 64 is more or less what it sounds like: it’s an online battle royale mode which pits 64 players against each other with only one emerging victorious.  The game also takes advantage of the Stadia’s “Crowd Play” feature, which means fans could potentially have the chance to play with YouTube streamers.

Super Bomberman R Online launches on September 1 for Stadia. Be sure to check out our Super Bomberman R review more insight into how it feels to play the base game.