Little Nightmares II Releases Next February, Next-Gen Version Coming Later

It was at the very same Gamescom Opening Night live event a little over a year ago, that Little Nightmares II was first announced. And while we haven’t heard much since on what’s in store with Tarsier Studio’s follow-up to their million-seller creepy, puzzle-platformer, it looks as if the developer left it to what is now tradition, in revealing a fair bit more at this year’s Gamescom. As seen in the below gameplay trailer, characters Six and Mono unwittingly are forced to broaden their horizons in navigating the equally-unsettling grander world of Little Nightmares.

Sadly it looks like the game won’t be hitting its originally-proposed target of releasing this year, instead being pushed into next year. Fortunately we do have a more specific release date as well as news on a next-gen iteration to follow suit. Little Nightmares II will first be available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch & PC on February 11 — a version for both PS5 and Xbox Series X will release later in the year, with a free upgrade to these iterations made available for free to those who already own the game.