Redemption and Explosion in Chorus Gameplay Teaser Trailer

Making up for past mistakes isn’t easy.  Admitting to having screwed up so badly is always difficult at best, and then there’s the bit where you need to team up with an AI spaceship to save others from being corrupted by a dark space-cult.  So it’s not all bad.  Chorus is a fast-paced space shooter costarring Nara, former warrior for the Circle cult, and (the future is) Forsaken, the AI ship she’s teamed up with to take the Circle down.  The game aims to do a lot of things in a lot of ways, from standard shooty-zappy combat to abilities such as ESP and telekenisis, while mixing up the environments between standard wide-open outer space and more restricted capital ship corridors, and of course making sure the story and its characters don’t get sidetracked in favor of the action.  It’s a tall order, and while hard to say how the story will fare today’s trailer does a very nice job of showing off a near-arcade level of zippy space dogfighting in a series of beautifully detailed environments.

Chorus is still a ways off, coming at a random point in 2021, but the gameplay teaser shows off a shooter that looks like it’s going to be a dark and punchy hit of high-adrenaline space combat.  Give it a watch to see a weird sci-fi universe start to come to life.