Akupara to Publish Surreal Soulslike Game GRIME

If you’ve ever paid attention to our Screenshot Saturday feature on a regular or semi-regular basis, then you’ve probably seen a 2D soulslike game called GRIME pop up more than a few times. Coming from the Israel-based developers Clover Bite, it caught our attentions with its unique universe and visuals, as well as its impressive action. And evidently, it caught the attention of Akupara Games as well, who will now be publishing the game. This news comes accompanied by a new trailer made for Gamescom 2020, which you can check out below.

Set in a surreal world filled with anatomical horror, as seen in the clip with several enemies holding their own eyes or having giant teeth in their midsections, GRIME sees you playing as a sort of living black hole, exploring this otherworldly universe. Players will be able to absorb enemies to improve various skills and customize their play style, wield living weapons that can actually mutate during combat, and battle massive, twisted bosses in order to gain new abilities that help the player to progress in a Metroidvania-style fashion. Bizarre yet beautiful, GRIME is due out in 2021 for PC, with other platforms to be announced at a later date.