Base Building and Bug Squishing in New Riftbreaker Trailer

The Earth’s biodiversity is a source of endless wonder, with every environment featuring an incredible number of creatures who have figured out how to live there.  There are more bacteria than we’ll ever be able to classify, insects start super-tiny and grow to disturbingly huge, lizards and mammals and birds come in endless species and sub-species, and fish fill the seas, rivers, and lakes.  It’s easy to take it all for granted, but step foot onto other planets and all of a sudden diversity of live on Earth springs into focus.  Ashley Nowak is a scientist/commando who’s the first person to ever step foot on Galatea 37, and she’s probably tired of all the giant-sized bugs that make up the dominant species on the planet.  There’s thousands of them attacking at once and not a single one of them have gotten the message that there’s a new apex predator in the ecosystem.

The Riftbreaker is an action-survival game set on a distant planet that combines the usual resource-gathering and construction of its primary genre with a little factory creation and a whole lot of bug squishing.  The native fauna gets restless at nights and attacks in huge numbers, so in tower-defense style you need to build walls and set up defenses to hold off the bugs by eliminating every last one.  That’s not the main goal, of course, because nice as survival is Ashely is still just a single human on a distant planet, so holding back the bugs is done in service to creating a large enough complex to power a rift back to Earth.  Thankfully Ashley doesn’t have to do this by hand, but instead was sent out with a high-end exoskeleton equipped with the latest defense, construction, and analysis capabilities.  Even with all of this on her side, though, there are an awful lot of bugs looking to take her down, and what they lack in power individually is more than made up by strength in numbers.

The latest trailer for The Riftbreaker doesn’t feature bugs so much but it has a whole lot of building going on, showing off base construction starting from next to nothing all the way to a sprawling giant field of future-tech devices working in the kind of harmony you can only get if you’ve had a good amount of experience organizing the equipment.  Give it a look below to see some base-building action, but be aware that the attack in the first third is only a tiny little skirmish compared to the insect-swarm madness ahead.