Headup Announces Cinematic Puzzle Platformer White Shadows

Last month, Animal Farm made headlines on gaming sites when it was announced that an adaptation of Orwell’s classic book would be coming to PC and mobile devices. But it looks like other upcoming games will be drawing inspiration from Animal Farm as well, as evidenced by White Shadows, a new atmospheric puzzle platformer announced by Headup Games. Developed by Monokel, the game is described as a modern fable that’s “a distorted mirror of our own world,” and will attempt the tricky feat of also dealing with relevant social and civic issues while still having fun gameplay.

Set in a world filled with half-human, half-animal inhabitants, White Shadows takes place in a world where a great war has led to a plague across the entire world, and the birds are to blame for it. Or that’s what the heads of White City say, anyway. They also say that nobody is safe outside of White City, and if you want to protect yourself from the plague, you need a coat of white paint, which can only be earned through obedience. But our protagonist Ravengirl doesn’t believe their lies and attempts to escape the city, which leads them through a bunch of surreal locations, and has them catching the eye of all the citizens, as seen in the trailer below. White Shadows is due out in 2021 for PC, PS5, and XSX, and should hopefully provide a rather odd yet captivating tale.