A Monster’s Expedition Through Puzzling Exhibitions Displays Release Date Trailer

Humans had a good run but it was bound to come to an end eventually.  The monsters took over afterwards and, much like humans are fascinated with dinosaurs, monsters love to learn about those that came before them.  A monster museum is very different from a human museum, though, in that it’s found scattered across a series of dozens of islands, the displays open and uncovered, with no clear way to get from one to the other.  Monsters, as it turns out, are exceptionally smart and clever, and it just wouldn’t be a lovely day leisurely ambling through displays educating on the long-lost culture of Human Englandland without having to earn the rewards.  There’s no immediate path between one island and the next but with a little bit of brain and some trial and error one can most certainly be created.

A Monster’s Expedition Through Puzzling Exhibitions is a puzzle game in the block-pushing Sokoban style except instead of blocks its tree trunks.  Trees are very different from blocks, what with basically being cylinders, so while pushing from one side moves it a square at a time pushing from the other means it rolls until hitting something.  Whether that be a rock, tree, another log, or by dropping into the water depends on the island layout and how careful you are setting things up.  Any mistake can be easily undone, and if things get really screwed up the islands are small enough that a quick tap of the island-reset button won’t set you back too far.  A Monster’s Expedition is a huge series of bite-sized puzzles, ranging from fairly simple to super-tricky, frequently side-by-side when there’s a bonus island to get to.  There was a demo back in June when the game was part of Steam’s summer games festival, and now the full thing has a release that’s right around the corner.  The super-cozy puzzler is due out September 10, and today dropped its release date trailer to celebrate.  Check it out below to see that there’s always time for a monster to sit on the edge of the land, peacefully thinking monster thoughts while dangling its feet in the water.