Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield Will Speed to Next-Gen Platforms

Runners can sometimes be a tricky subgenre of games to sell, as they consist of titles associated with the likes of mobile games and the negative reputations that they have. But there are certainly more than a few that are quite ambitious and enjoyable, and Headup Games clearly believes that Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is one, as now they’re helping to bring it to next-gen platforms, alongside a PC release. Developed by the titular Aerial_Knight (AKA Neil Jones), Never Yield is a 3D side-scroller aiming to deliver a challenging experience for the likes of the speedrun crowd while still being something more casual audiences can enjoy as well.

Set in a futuristic, Tokyo-esque version of Detroit, Never Yield focuses on Wally, a mysterious kid who has set out to retrieve some items from his past. He also gets a hold on some rather damning evidence that could affect the city, and now Wally has to run, jump, dash and slide in order to perform acrobatic feats that help him invade all of the enemies on his tail now, and try to get the truth out in the end. As seen in the announcement trailer below, the game looks simple, stylish, and action-packed, and sounds phenomenal thanks to a soundtrack by Detroit artist Danime-Sama. Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield will be headed to PC, PS5, and XSX in 2021, and is shaping up to potentially be a terrific burst of arcade action.