Isometric Cyberpunk RPG Gamedec to Receive Switch Version

Earlier this year in late April, Polish developers Anshar Studios ran a Kickstarter campaign for their isometric sci-fi detective RPG, Gamedec. The campaign was incredibly successful, setting an initial goal of $50,000 and raising over $170,000 by the end. This meant that several stretch goals were meant, but unfortunately, the goal of $200,000 for a Switch version of the game wasn’t met. However, the developers really wanted to show just how grateful they are to everyone that’s supported their unique vision for a cyberpunk RPG, so lo and behold, a Switch version of Gamedec has no been announced, as seen in the trailer below.

The clip gives us a quick rundown of the game and its world as well, showing you the life of a game detective (or “gamedec,” to provide a proper title drop). As a detective in the 22nd century who solves real problems and cases inside different virtual worlds that have become the norm, players will investigate by hunting for clues, talk to suspects and witnesses, and use deductive reasoning alongside various skills in order to get to the bottom of things. As an open-ended RPG with traditional pen-and-paper mechanics, though, there are many different ways to go about things, many choices to make, and many solutions and outcomes, all with their own consequences. Gamedec comes out in 2021 for the PC and Switch, and players on both platforms will be able to check out a demo during PAX Online, from September 12 to September 20.