ScourgeBringer to Slash Out of Early Access With October Launch

Developer Flying Oak Games has been working hard on their fast-paced roguelike action-platformer ScourgeBringer ever since it hit Early Access earlier this year in February, with updates that have added new realms, enemies, skills, and more. And now all of their hard work is about to pay off even further, as the game is now set for a full release this October. And as seen in the new trailer below, this means it’s ready for consoles as well, where many more can be challenged by our hero Kyhra’s journey through an Eldritch monolith.

The video partially serves as a look at the gameplay so far in general, which involves numerous amounts of lightning-fast swordplay and gunplay as one zips through the air, trying to dodge numerous attacks while taking out loads of enemies and huge bosses. But it also partially serves as a recap of all of the game’s realms so far, showing the five areas that Kyhra will explore and the variety of environments and foes within…but then revealing at the end that there are still secrets yet to be uncovered, telling us there are yet more additions and final obstacles to be included with the full game. ScourgeBringer arrives for PC, Switch, and XB1 (available through Game Pass as well) on October 21 from publishers Dear Villagers, when it will dish out as much pixelated mayhem as possible.