New Streets of Rage 4 Patch Brings Over 80 Improvements

Streets of Rage 4 brought the series back to critical acclaim all consoles and PC when it launched earlier this year. Today, after months of fine-tuning, Dotemu has released a patch for the latest entry in the beat-em-up series that has over 1.5 million sales in downloads alone. Specials and your star move can now interrupt hitstun states on the ground, and each character has massive upgrades. Axel now moves faster and it takes less time for him to recover from a pipe swing. Cherry’s special forward is quicker and she can no longer head stomp infinitely alongside a slight nerf for her flying knee loop.

The monstrous Floyd has had his x3 infinite removed and he can’t reset his grab move counter by jumping, but his special takes up less HP. Blaze has seen a minor speed reduction, while Adam’s infinite loop has been fixed. Retro characters have seen changes as well, with SOR 1 Axel gaining invincibility on his headbutt, while Adam’s SOR1 combos have been fixed to feel more accurate to the original game. The core game has also seen some improvements with more power-ups and health items added to stages while also nerfing some of the cheaper enemies. Streets of Rage 4 is a must-have for any brawler fan and is available on the Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. PC users can get it on Steam or with Game Pass Ultimate, where you can also enjoy it on Xbox One.