Xbox Series S Officially Announced, Priced

Microsoft today officially announced the Xbox Series S after a series of leaks revealed the console.

After months of silence, the flood gates officially burst last night. First, a leaked promotional image of Xbox Series S was released by well-known Xbox insider, Brad Sams. Then, Windows Central revealed that both Xbox Series X and Series S would launch on November 10 at $499 and $299 respectively. Finally, another well-known Xbox insider, WalkingCat, released the full reveal trailer for the console.

After all the leaks, Microsoft finally officially confirmed that Xbox Series S is real. In a late night Tweet, the console manufacturer confirmed the design and price point. Notably, they had nothing to say about the supposed release date, Series X pricing, or the trailer.

According to the leaked trailer, Xbox Series S will be an all-digital console and 60% smaller than the Series X. It comes packed with a 512GB NVME SSD, and is capable of delivering up to a 1440p resolution and up to 120fps. Its capable of next-gen features like ray-tracing and VRS. While the console isn’t capable of delivering 4K visuals, it does support 4K upscaling and media playback.

Xbox Series S launches this November, probably November 10, for $299. We’ll let you know when Microsoft reveals more details.

Update: Microsoft officially released the Xbox Series S reveal trailer. It also confirms that November 10 is indeed the release date for the Xbox Series S. It’s likely the release date for Xbox Series X, but Microsoft has neither confirmed or denied it.