Cyber Hook Latches On to Release Date Trailer

It’s nice to go fast and even nicer to go faster, tearing through what had once been a challenge but is now a virtual playground, but getting to that point requires not just memorization but technique.  As anyone who’s ever played a racing game knows, learning where the curves are is only the first part of winning a good time, with the rest involving exploiting every bit of physics available to knock a few fractions of a second off the clock.  Even if you’re not a superhuman reflex-machine capable of micro-adjustments for the perfect line, it’s a lot of fun to beat a personal best.  Cyber Hook is a first-person speed-running obstacle course where managing momentum is key, and even a brief familiarity with the controls allows some enjoyably superhuman platforming.

The demo released back in June gives an excellent overview of the game.  You’re a runner in a cyber-world with a grappling hook on one hand and finger-gun on the other, swinging from the blue beams and platforms while avoiding red and shooting green.  The object is to get from start to finish in the best time possible, working the swing on the grapple to accelerate beyond any reasonable speed and triggering a little slow-mo when things get hectic.  While the premise is simple the execution takes finesse, seeing as there are very few boundaries to be seen.  Cut corners, spend momentum to swing up and past entire sections of a level, and try to balance the difference between the straightest line and the fastest one.  Those who aim for perfection may wring the most from Cyber Hook but there’s plenty in there for anyone looking for a little time-trial challenge too.

Cyber Hook is releasing September 24 and has a brand new trailer to show off its high speed acrobatics.  And if a trailer isn’t enough, the demo from June has popped back up on Steam too.