Hotshot Racing Revs Into Gear Across PC, All Consoles With Launch Trailer

Hotshot Racing has been something we’ve been covering since the second it’s been announced. With the arcade racing genre being in decline over the last decade, we haven’t seen many new games in the sub-genre. Thankfully, games like Horizon Chase Turbo have helped revive interest and that kind of passion has led to Sumo Nottingham of Outrun 2 and Team Sonic Racing fame to craft an all-new experience. Today, Hotshot Racing releases on the Switch, Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 – with a unique low-poly look that evokes Virtua Racing.

Switch owners who picked up the SEGA Ages release of Virtua Racing will be familiar with this kind of look – although like with Horizon Chase Turbo, there’s a lot more detail featured here than there ever could have been in the early to mid-’90 s when Sega’s arcade racers ruled the roost. The game is only $19.99, but it has a launch week discount of 20% across all platforms – making it a mere $20. Switch users can turn the system into the ultimate arcade-style racing game haven with this, Virtua Racing, Horizon Chase Turbo, and ’80s Overdrive.

Getting it on PC would be a nice fit because that isn’t just home to this and Horizon Chase Turbo, but also FAST BEAT LOOP RACER GT – which is among the last true arcade racers to get a modern-platform conversion. Xbox One owners with a prior license for Daytona USA can pair that console up with this and Horizon Chase Turbo – and enjoy Hotshot Racing via Game Pass to turn that console into a modern day arcade racing machine as well. No matter what platform you choose, you can’t go wrong with Hotshot Racing if you’re craving a modern-day arcade-style racing experience.