Top-Down Horror Game ‘Dap’ Appears in PAX Indie Showcase

The PAX Indie Showcase has plenty of interesting titles lined-up this year, and among them is a horror game by the name of Dap. Unlike many recent horror games, Dap is played from a top-down perspective and it even borrows somewhat from Pikmin. Dap drops players in a forest plagued by an alien infestation.

The difference between survival and death by a nightmarish alien is gathering vital resources and finding the little creatures called “daps.” These strange, non-hostile aliens make both fighting larger creatures and solving puzzles easy, so gathering them seems to be the key to making it out of the forest. Check out the announcement trailer below for a closer look.

Dap features basic looting and crafting with no menus, and there are at least three biomes to explore within the forest. Other features include a three-hour single-player campaign, gardening and a mechanic that changes one’s daps into monsters if they aren’t careful. The game is set to launch for PC in January, but, in the meantime, make sure to keep an eye on it during PAX for more insight.