Watch Dogs: Legion Reveals Collab With Stormzy, Shows Off Recruitment

With a month and a half to go until its release, Ubisoft still has plenty of time to reveal a few surprises for Watch Dogs: Legion, the third title in the open-world action/adventure series centered around hacking. And given that Legion is set in London, one of the biggest places in the world that’s known for its music scene, it definitely seems like the developers have a huge task ahead of them when it comes to crafting a soundtrack that perfectly suits the oppressive version of London that they’ve created. But as discussed in the video below, they’re getting some help from a major London-based artist whose music and personality they feel reflects the game’s themes: Stormzy.

Well-known in the UK for his acclaimed albums, number-one singles, and outspoken views on politics, Stormzy will be making a music video for “Rainfall,” a song from his 2019 album Heavy Is The Head, which is to be created entirely using the Watch Dogs: Legion engine. But that’s not all, because Stormzy will also appear in the game with a special mission called “Fall on My Enemies,” where players will have to help him secure a broadcast in Central London for “Rainfall.” While certainly not the first musician to have a prominent song and/or music video related to video games this year (Billie Eilish, Bring Me the Horizon, Gorillaz, and Noah Cyrus alone have already claimed such a title), it’s still a grand inclusion that hopefully sets the stage for an even grander soundtrack.

Aside from the reveal of Stormzy’s involvement with the game, today’s Ubisoft Forward presentation also gave us a refresher on how recruitment works when it come to building your playable resistance in Watch Dogs: Legion. Practically every NPC you can encounter has their own unique set of skills, be at as a hacker, getaway driver, or even a street artist. By assisting them, they can join DedSec as playable character who can help out on missions in various ways. Be careful, though, as some have attributes not exactly suited for certain missions, like a frail old man doing doing parkour or someone with the hiccups attempting stealth. Of course, you can always beef them up and outfit with whatever gear you obtain as well. Whatever approach you want to take when it comes to liberating the city from Albion and discovering who framed DedSec for a terrorist attack.

Oh, and uh, Aiden Pierce, the protagonist of the first game, will also be back as a fully playable character in a new story expansion as part of the game’s post-launch content. The team apparently says we asked for him back, but…did we? It feels like everyone moved on to Wrench from Watch Dogs 2 as the character we wanted to return. The Season Pass also includes the Complete Edition of the original Watch Dogs, though, so maybe we’ll get some time to like Aiden again. More post-launch content will be detailed in the coming weeks as well, so stay tuned up until the game’s October 29 release on XB1, PC, PS4, and Stadia (with an XSX release along with console on November 10, and a PS5 version along with its launch).