Woodsalt Revives the 90’s JRPG This October

Sci-fi JRPG Woodsalt was announced today, and it’s aiming to bring back a little taste of the 90’s. Woodsalt puts players in the newly-thawed shoes of Emcy, a man who’s just awoken on the world of Nu-Terra after a thousand years of cryo-sleep. The world is indeed beautiful as he expected, and his fellow inhabitants seem quite friendly. Everything should be okay, but Emcy is forced to start re-examining his situation after he’s visited by a strange ghost.

According to the trailer above, Woodsalt is a JRPG that cuts out all the filler. Players apparently won’t be wasting their time with fetch-quests and the like. Instead, they’ll be trying to piece together the story behind life on Nu-Terra by talking to NPCs, making meaningful choices and possibly even stumbling upon even greater mysteries.

Woodsalt launches on October 13 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.