Control: Ultimate Edition Now Available DRM-Free on GOG

Control is arguably Remedy’s finest game yet and after a year of hitting the Epic Games Store, not only is the ultimate edition available on Steam, but it’s finally available in DRM-free form via GOG. This means that not only can you enjoy the main campaign, but also all of the additional content – including its DLC and photo mode. The main campaign alone is worth the price of admission, and all of the DLC storyline content just helps flesh out the world and its characters more.

The normal pricing of the ultimate edition is $40, which itself is a great value since the main game retailed for that brand new when it launch on PC and consoles only a year ago without all of that content. With Control, Remedy managed to take a third-person adventure game with a lot of action and make it as tense as a top-notch thriller movie with every corner bringing about some kind of fear because you’re not sure what you’ll encounter. It’s a tremendous game and a thrilling experience that shines brightly on PC thanks to its wide variety of performance and graphical settings to help tailor the experience to the player. You can experience everything Control has to offer for $31.99 via GOG – a hefty 20% off launch discount from its $40 price point.