Corsair Announces New Mid-Tower Cases, AIO Cooling Solutions

One of the leaders in hardware accessories and peripherals, Corsair has announced a new lineup of computer cases and AIO CPU coolers.

Starting off the former, the Corsair 4000D, 4000D Airflow and iCUE 4000X RGB cases have been announced for release today. Not only do they include a sleek, minimalist design, but they come with a bevy of features that have a strong focus on airflow and functionality.

  • Tool-free Tempered Glass
  • Focus on Airflow
  • Rapidroute Cable Management System (25mm deep single channel routing)
  • Dedicate Spot for Corsair Fan Controllers
  • 2x SSD trays with four mounting locations on the back and bottom
  • Supports a vertical PCI-E mount
  • USB 3.1 Type-C outputs
  • Airguide Fan Technology with Anti-Vortex Vanes
  • Supports 6x 120mm fans (or 4x 140mm fans)

The 4000D and 4000D Airflow are available right now for $79.99 while the iCUE RGB 4000X model, which includes three RGB Elite Fans, will be available at $119.99.

Next we have the Corsair iCUE Elite CAPELLIX coolers. Corsair’s AIO models have always been impressive, but they’re looking to step it up even more with this year’s offerings.

  • ML Series RGB PWM Fans
  • 8 RGB LEDs per Fan
  • Minimal noise RGB pump (33 LEDs)
  • Split-Flow Copper Cold Plate
  • 128 Micro-Skived Fins per Inch
  • Includes iCUE Commander Core
  • iCUE to customize/synchronize lighting and control fan speed
  • 360mm/280mm/240mm Models

The iCUE Elite CAPELLIX coolers are supported on AMD AM4/sTR4 and Intel LGA 115x/1200/2066 sockets. Each are available right now.