Humble Better Futures Bundle Now Available

The Humble Better Future bundle is now available and offers an impressive array of games for various price points. The $1 tier is outstanding, with Torchlight, Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit, and Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise offered up. The former gets you a great Diablo-like experience, while Throne of Lies tests your skills in other ways, and Agent A offers a gender-flipped Bond-esque adventure with a slick visual style.

Beating the average of only about $4 now gets you all of that plus Torchlight II, This War of Mine: Final Cut, and Road Redemption. Road Redemption in particular is such a great deal here because it takes the core Road Rash formula and expands upon it – and offers up a sea of unlockable characters as well. Finally, for $12 or more you get Mythic Ocean and Knights of Pen and Paper 1+2 Collection. Mythic Ocean is a charming underwater exploration adventure, while the Knights games are some of the best tabletop RPG-esque games on the market. This is a tremendous value at all levels and is one of the best new Humble Bundles in a while.