Latest Crysis Remastered Trailer Shows Off New Graphical Features

Crytek today dropped a new trailer for Crysis Remastered that highlights the remaster’s new graphical features.

The original Crysis may still like quite good running on today’s hardware. However, there have also been plenty of new developments and features over the past decade the game doesn’t take advantage of in its original state. Enter Crysis Remastered, which takes advantage of current hardware and technology advances to bring a host of new visual features to Crysis.

Crysis Remastered includes ray tracing, global illumination, rippling caustics, up to 8K textures, and more. For those who really want to push their PCs to the limit, there’s the new ‘Can It Run Crysis?’ mode. It is currently unknown how many of these graphical features will appear in the console versions. Asides from some Xbox One X footage that Digital Foundry got to see, Crytek and Saber Interactive have been mostly quiet on the PS4 and Xbox One versions. There’s also no indication of a PS5 and Xbox Series X/S ports.

Crysis Remastered launches September 18 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. It is currently available on Switch.