Fall Guys Enhances the Mayhem with Mid-Season Update

Despite being pretty fun overall, Fall Guys’ various mini-games were likely starting to feel just a little bit stale for those who’ve been enjoying the game for the past month or so. Fortunately, it seems Mediatonic was feeling the same way and so they’ve released a mid-season update to freshen things up a bit. The developer hasn’t so far as to add new mini-games, but they’ve made a few important changes to what’s already there.

The first and most notable of the changes implemented is more variations within gauntlet games. Instead of Door Dash and Slime Climb always playing out the exact same way, players will now find surprises like pretzel sticks instead of balls or certain doors behaving differently. There’s also a new, spinning hammer showing up in these round from time to time. It’s been dubbed “Big Yeetus” and it does exactly what the name implies; keep a lookout for it.

Outside of these additions Mediatonic has implemented more back-end fixes to improve performance and keep people from using hacks, especially on PC. Fall Guys season 2 and all its goodies are still a couple weeks off, but this should help fans continue to enjoy the game in the meantime.

Fall Guys is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. Be sure to check out our review for a general overview of the kinf of fun on offer here.