PlayStation Plus Collection Bringing First, Third Party PS4 Titles to PS5

Alongside the slew of games that are still up in the air as to their existence as launch titles or not, it looks as if Sony are trying to bolster the appeal of PlayStation Plus, coming into PS5. Announced during today’s latest livestream presentation, the PlayStation Plus Collection is bringing across a selection of first and third party titles that subscribers can access by simply downloading. Not like the still-on-going PlayStation Now service that allows users to stream games, but instead requires players to download the entire game selected. The list includes major exclusive hits like God of War, Bloodborne and Persona 5 alongside third-party games like Battlefield 1, Final Fantasy XV and Monster Hunter World. While it may be easy to draw comparisons with Microsoft’s own subscription-based (and in many eyes, an incredibly good value for money) model in Xbox Game Pass, so far at least this access is available only to PlayStation Plus subscribers and can’t be accessed in any other way.

What remains unclear however is the nature of these PS4 games running on PS5, specifically if any of the games listed, have been improved or touched up in some capacity to accommodate the new hardware. Will something like Bloodborne, for example, receive an increased frame-rate or are these titles mere ports of their original PS4 versions — the aforementioned Bloodborne remaining stuck at 30FPS on PS5? The PlayStation Plus Collection will be accessible when the new system launches starting November 12.