HAAK Brings Ninja-Inspired Metroidvania Thrills to Early Access

After over three years, HAAK is now available for download via Steam early access. This Metroidvania stands out from the rest with a unique minimalist art style and a ninja-esque character design that uses a mix of agility and attack variety to survive.

In a subversion to the genre norm, you start off with no powers sand just have basic survival skills – so you’ll use things like the environment to kill enemies instead of attacks. As time goes on, you get not only a short-range sword – but also a grappling hook.

This hook can be used to take out foes or solve button puzzles by sending its beam in various directions while either free-aiming with the left stick or doing more precise aiming with the right stick. It’s a ton of fun and  is available now via Steam early access for only $12.74 – a nice 15% discount over the normal $14.99 price tag.