Sniper Elite 4 Heading to Switch this Winter

Following on from their past efforts in porting both the second and third games in the series to Nintendo’s console, Rebellion today announced that Sniper Elite 4 will soon be making its way onto Switch as well. Coming more than three years after the game’s original release in February 2017, Sniper Elite 4 was a thoroughly enjoyable next step for the series, providing some of the most expansive and ultimately best campaign levels to date as well as an online multiplayer component that was far more the time sink than initially expected.

As was the case from before, Sniper Elite 4 takes advantage of the Switch’s additional functionality in the form of HD Rumble as well as gyroscopic aiming. The game is planned to release on Nintendo’s platform sometime this Winter. No news yet on the next major instalment in the series however, though Rebellion have previously commented on the fact that that game is indeed in development.