Balan Wonderworld Begins Its Show in March 2021

Balan Wonderworld ended up being quite the pleasant surprise when it was unveiled during the Xbox Games Showcase two months ago. After all, not many were expecting a sudden, new platformer from Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima. At the time, all we knew is that it would be heading to Xbox platforms in the Spring of 2021. But now, not only has it been revealed that the game will be heading to all major platforms as well, but we also have a scheduled release date, giving fans of classic platformers a date to look forward to.

Playing as Leo, Emma, or both via co-op gameplay (as revealed in the Nintendo Direct Mini trailer below), players will try and clear the dreamlike and theater-inspired titular Wonderworld of the physical manifestations of negativity known as Negati and restore balance to everything, all while guided by Balan, the mysterious maestro. To do this, you’ll need help via the eighty-plus costumes you’ll find along the way, each granting you unique powers that can even be combined with those of a friend. The style, colorful bosses, stages, and gameplay certainly have Yuji and Naoto’s signature touches, making Balan Wonderworld one to look out for when it comes out on March 21 for XSX, XB1, Switch, PS5, PS4, and PC.