Freedom Fighters Gets DRM-Free PC Release on GOG

Freedom Fighters was an early ’00s hit on not only consoles, but PC as well – and offered up something a bit different from shooters at the time. While you had squad-based first-person shooters, you didn’t really have anything like that for third-person ones – and Freedom Fighters filled that void. Taking place in an alternate universe version of of New York with a Soviet Union invasion as you lead a resistance movement against the Soviet forces.

IO Interactive’s PC hit has never been available digitally until now, and you can enjoy a healthy discount of 34% – taking it down to $9.89. Buying it on GOG not only nets you that discount, but also lets you run it without any DRM to worry about and you can still run the EXE from Steam or GOG Galaxy if you want. If you don’t mind DRM or prefer to use Steam to get the game, then you can do so there as well.