Kaze and the Wild Masks Coming to Google Stadia in First Set of Google Stadia Makers Lineup

We covered Kaze and the Wild Masks’ demo version a couple of months ago and found it to be, even in an early form, a must-play 2D platformer. It’s got a high degree of polish and stands out from the sea of 2D action-platformers on the market as a result of just how much care has gone into its design. SODESCO announced that the game will be a part of the Google Stadia Makers program, which helps ensure that it will be playable on more devices than other entries in the genre. Developed by PixelHive, it does more than just pay homage to the past – but creates a game that surpasses most 16 and 32-bit platformers and would have stood out strongly in any era. We’ve kept a close eye on the game and will continue to do so as its release draws near across not only Google Stadia, but the PS4, Xbox One family of devices, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch.