Old Caves and New Circuits in The Long Gate Launch Trailer

It’s amazing how good the Ancients are at disabling their machinery.  Whenever a new ruin or catacomb is discovered there’s always work to be done to get it back up and running outside of what would be expected from sheer age.  Buttons and switches and levers pulled or flipped in exactly the right order, or tiles placed just right in a grid, or any number of other possible combinations of items and movement to create a working machine.  The Ancients didn’t just abandon their contraptions, but rather carefully broke them in such a way that functionality could be restored with a minimum of fuss for someone who knows what they’re doing.  The rest of us, though, need to puzzle it out, fitting everything together just right to create a working circuit.

The Long Gate is the latest giant, intricate abandoned machine, and all its puzzles are built around the idea of circuitry.  The object is to manipulate the environment so that energy flows again, using real-world principles of circuitry to figure out how everything goes.  To add a little complexity to the situation there’s more than one type of circuit available, with puzzles starting from the basics and working towards more complex theories of analog, digital, and even quantum circuitry.  While there’s an overall order to the puzzles there’s no reason to stick to it, so when reviving one device becomes maddening there are plenty of others to choose from.

The Long Gate is coming out tomorrow but its launch trailer teases its circuitry-puzzling action today.  The Ancients may have left behind their mysteries but the power is still on, and a little prodding at their many forgotten gizmos should bring it all back to life.