Grand Alliance Now Available on iOS and Android Devices

Viz Media and Crunchyroll are teaming up for a new anime-inspired mobile app game. The game follows Amelia, the last princess of the empire as she tries to unite a torn nation due to her family’s assassination. The core game revolves around squad-based combat where you can organize a team of three heroes as you battle large hordes with real-time combat. There are over 30 heroes to choose from over four different classes, with gunner, mage, warrior, and skirmisher available.

The game has a skill tree system to encourage new types of play, and over 90,000 people have pre-registered across both platforms.  Pre-registering enabled users to have access to their first hero in Clarissa, a secret agent, and a slew of in-game currency. New players can also enjoy another free character after logging in for seven days, as Daisy becomes available and uses a hammer to take out foes. You can enjoy the game via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store now. The Android version also has controller support and works nicely with a Steelseries controller.