Xbox Game Pass Gains Five Million Subscribers Since April 2020

Back in May, Microsoft shared their up-to-date numbers through the past March on the current subscribers to both Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass, with the latter having surpassed ten million users since its launch back in June 2017.

Over the past six months, the Netflix-like game service has undergone some substantial changes, having officially moved out of beta on PC and adding cloud gaming support at no additional cost, as well as the usual addition of new titles such as Dragon Quest XI S and Destiny 2. As a result, Game Pass across both Xbox One and PC has grown to surpass fifteen million total subscribers, which is a staggering increase of five million new members in six months after taking 34 months to initially reach ten million. With EA Play joining the service later this year and Microsoft having just acquired Bethesda to increase its roster of first party developers, Game Pass continues to be a hard offer to pass up for Xbox and PC owners.

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