Crown Trick Brings Manic Dungeon-Crawling to Switch, PC October 16

Fans of roguelikes and dungeon crawlers will soon get the chance to pick up Crown Trick on PC and Switch. Players will awaken as “Elle,” a girl who’s been sent to the mysterious Nightmare Realm for as yet unknown reasons.  With only a strange talking crown for guidance, Elle has no choice but to set-out into the realm in hopes of finding her way out. As is to be expected of a roguelike, making the journey won’t exactly be easy.

Crown Trick has several features on offer, but its most unique trait is how time works in the game. In Crown Trick, enemies and traps only move when the player does, meaning players will have to be extra careful with their movements. Players will have full control over how they fight, from active skills to items to passive traits and even familiars. Dungeons will also be different for every run, so players will need to develop a version of Elle who best matches their own personal style.

Crown Trick launches on October 16 for PC and Nintendo Switch.