Dead Cells ‘Barrels o’ Fun’ Bounces onto Consoles Today

New enemies, new environmental hazards and a new level have dropped into all console versions of Dead Cells today thanks to the console release of the “Barrels o’ Fun” update. The update hit PCs last month, but console players have had to wait patiently as Motion Twin got the new content ready for the other platforms. The update also includes at least one new weapon and new music for fans to enjoy too.

The “Barrels o’ Fun” update adds the Distillery to the list of available locations. As is to be expected of such a place, the Distillery is filled with highly flammable and even explosive materials. The same holds true for the new enemies, which have a tendency to self-destruct if allowed to get too close. To help prevent this, players can arm themselves with the new Barrel Launcher weapon, which does exactly as the name implies. Make use of it and the many, many explosive barrels found throughout the Distillery to make it through.

Dead Cells is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.