Fall Guys Sells Over Seven Million on Steam in Under Three Weeks

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout was expected to be a big hit on the PlayStation 4 since it was a PS+ game and had a built-in audience there. What wasn’t as expected was the game also achieving massive success on Steam. Thanks to positive word of mouth via websites and content creators, alongside the game itself just being a ton of fun, it has sold far beyond anyone’s expectations. In a little over three weeks, the game sold seven million copies and continues to sell well.

Sony announced that the game is the most-downloaded PlayStation Plus game ever – meaning that with PS+ being the launching pad on the system, it did better than even Rocket League. The game’s obstacle courses combine both individual skill and team-based success and feature a variety of different skills being tested depending on the stage. Platforming is ever-present, but you also have sports-themed modes to make you flex some of those muscles as well. It’s an absolute riot and a once in a generation game that anyone in the family can enjoy. We loved the game at launch and it’s only gotten more fun as time has gone on and updates have gone live fine-tuning things.