Cake Bash Leaving the Oven With Release Date Trailer

The endless battle for kitchen supremacy was bound to get out of hand eventually.  The cupcake wars and great national bakeoffs were only the start, with the competition for greatest flavor eventually anthorporphizing into the food itself.  While doughnuts and cupcakes are generally short of the necessary appendages it’s nothing a little stick-figure doodling can’t fix, and soon enough they can take to the counters and tabletops to compete for the best accessories to look the most delicious.  It’s probably best not to think about how adorably suicidal the goal is.

Cake Bash is a mulitplayer multi-game competition in the vein of Mario Party, Crash Bash, and Fall Guys, where you need to get good at the various events and minigames to come out on top.  Try to snag all the best toppings, or avoid a pigeon fly-over, or get the most fruit into a pie crust.  Minigames supplement the bigger events, letting you toast the perfect marshmallow or be the most precise frosting decorator.  Basically it’s a classic-styled party game with combat cakes, light and delicious and ready to throw down to prove it.

Cake Bash is coming out October 15 on PS4, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia, with the Switch version trailing along behind later.  There’s a super-cute trailer for the announcement, although if you want something a little more gameplay-oriented the one from last year will fill in the details nicely.  Of course, no video can compare to direct hands-on experience, so the Steam demo is over here for anyone looking for an advanced taste of confectionery mayhem.