Yakuza: Like A Dragon’s PS5 Version Dated for Next Year

Of all the platforms — both current and next-gen alike — already confirmed that the upcoming Yakuza: Like A Dragon would be coming to, PS5 has been oddly lacking a date. But if you were hoping to play the latest in Sega and developer Ryu Ga Gotoku’s [formerly] beat-em-up series on Sony’s upcoming machine, you may have to wait a bit longer. Or at least consider another platform to play it on this coming November. Sega have today confirmed that the PS5 version of Yakuza: Like A Dragon will release a little under four months after the other iterations, on March 2.

It’s also been announced that the game across all other platforms — that is PS4, Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X/S — will now share a simultaneous release on November 10. It’s the same day that Microsoft’s own new console (or consoles, should we say) releases globally — reaffirming Yakuza: Like A Dragon as a launch day title for the Series X & Series S. Previously, it was stated that current-gen (soon to be last-gen) versions as well as the PC iteration would arrive a few days after on November 13, but it looks as if that’s no longer the case. What’s more, players who purchase the game digitally on either PS4 or Xbox One can upgrade to their next-gen equivalents for free.

Needless to say, Yakuza: Like A Dragon is a much-anticipated title to close out 2020. Not least because the seventh mainline entry in the series sees a radical departure in the gameplay department. Combat no longer a real-time, beat-em-up affair, but now reverting to an old-school, turn-based form of RPG encounters — all with that familiar, over-the-top flair of comedy and drama that has given the Yakuza series so much staying power. We ourselves will have much more to say in the near future on how the game looks to be shaping up, so stay tuned.