Teslagrad 2 Announced, More Magnets Promised

Teslagrad 2 is officially in the works, and fans can rest assured that they’re going to be getting even more of what they loved in the original. As part of their official announcement, Rain Games confirmed that the sequel will most definitely be taking after the original Teslagrad. The game will be an exploration-based Metroidvania-style game featuring plenty of magnets and the same art style fans loved in the original game.

Teslagrad 2 will take place in the new realm of Wyrmheim. Little was revealed about the location, but the studio did confirm that it will be heavily inspired by Norway and aspects of its ancient culture such as Viking carvings and Nordic runes. Even several years after the release of the first game, it seems Rain Games is still very excited about the Teslagrad series. “This game has been rattling at the back of my mind for 6 years while we’ve been working on our games,” said project lead Peter W. Meldahl. “I’ve hoarded the best ideas from those years to use for Teslagrad 2.”

No clues were given in regard to a possible release date, but hopefully fans won’t have to wait too long now that the game’s been announced.