Descenders Coming to Switch in November

Descenders has been available on PC and most consoles for quite a while – and it’s now set for a Switch release fairly soon. This exciting downhill bike-riding experience challenges you to not only race, but rattle off a ton of tricks. There’s a large rogue-like element to the experience as well – making it feel quite a bit different from anything else out there.¬†You get a remarkable sense of speed biking down the hill as the environment flies past you and it rekindles feelings of youth going far too fast down a hill. The race tracks themselves are procedurally-generated, and you’ll have challenges like only using the first person camera. While that may not seem too bad,, you’re also doing tons of flips and have to keep your bearings – so there’s a lot of challenge in just getting used to that.

The life system ensures that you do well, while your crew encourages you to do different styles of racing to succeed. There’s a lot of variety to the courses and you will learn everything as you go, and you want to remain in control of your bike at all times. Sure, you can try to zoom through – but that will doom you. Today, it was announced that this highly-regarded game will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 6 – marking the first time it’s been playable on a portable console.