Ikenfell Shows Off Twelve Minutes of Gameplay Ahead of Release

With just over a week to go until the game’s release, Humble Games have decided to show off a new gameplay video for Ikenfell, the upcoming turn-based tactical RPG from developers Happy Ray Games. Set in the titular school of magic, the game sees our protagonist Maritte trying to find information on their missing sister, discovering various shocking secrets about Ikenfell along the way. As the video below shows, though, just reaching Ikenfell requires more work than expected.

Not only does Maritte have to pass various obstacles like shifting stone mazes as part of the entrance, but they also have to fight off a few enemies, including a bizarre candle being that seems to act as a guard. This is where we see Ikenfell’s combat, where players have to strategically move around a grid and master timing-based attacks in order to succeed. We also get a jump ahead to later on in the game, where our party has to fight off killer tarfrogs that can stick them in place, as well as an odd “love pane” that helps heal them. Luckily, they seem to have picked up a greater range of skills by then. Ikenfell comes out on October 8 for all current major platforms, and should hopefully be a hit for RPG fans.