The Pathless Gets Release Date, Becomes PS5 Launch Title

A new console generation is just over a month away, but so far the launch lineups have been a bit lacking in big-name titles (for various reasons). And while we will have some next-gen versions of third-party titles coming out, smaller titles and indie games will hopefully be helping out towards giving us more to play on these new platforms. As an example, today it was revealed that The Pathless, the new action/adventure game from Annapurna Interactive and developers Giant Squid, has a release date of November 12, officially announcing its status as a PS5 launch title.

Of course, The Pathless won’t exclusively be on the PS5, as it will also come to PS4, Apple Arcade, and Epic Games Store on November 12 as well. The PS5 version, though, will take advantage of the DualSense controller to utilize haptic trigger effects when it comes to actions such as shooting arrows, and run at 60 FPS. The game itself sees you playing as the Hunter, a person dispatched to a mysterious island with their eagle companion in order to get rid of a darkness that threatens the world…in some cases, a rather fiery darkness to be tackled head-on, as seen in the quick clip below. But as we’ve discussed earlier this year, there definitely seems to be a lot more to The Pathless, so we eagerly await its release this November.