New Trailer for The Falconeer Showcases Next-Gen Visuals

The Falconeer is almost upon us, and in little over one month’s time, we’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of years of labor when The Falconeer launches on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S and X on November 10. A new trailer has been released showcasing the high level of detail and visual fidelity featured in this stunning adventure. You can see the depths of the water, the deep, rich greens in the sky, and the deep clouds in the Skygazer area. Anyone wanting a new take on a rail shooter should keep a close eye on it.

As a mighty Warbird, you will soar above the skies and find secrets throughout the world. Each bird type has their own loadouts and skillsets. We’ve been keeping a close eye on the game for quite some time, and it looks like a perfect showcase for not only the next generation of Xbox consoles, but also the original line of Xbox One consoles and a high-end PC as well. You can pre-order the game at retailer sites or for PC via Steam now.