Pumpkin Jack Brings Halloween Thrills on Switch, Xbox One, PC on October 23

Pumpkin Jack is a labor of love for a solo developer that aims to offer 3D action-platforming excitement on-par with what we saw during the height of that genre on the PS2. The trailer shows Jack leave his cell and then slice and dice foes using a scythe and a gun – offering up a blend of shooting and melee combat that you don’t see a ton from the genre. This mix of styles reminds me a lot of Ratchet and Clank – but the game’s visual design is completely unique. Pumpkin Jack launches on October 23 on the Switch and Xbox One for console owners and on PC.

PC users will be able to get the game via the Epic Games Store, Steam, and GOG. Going with EGS may save you money if you have a $10 coupon from the recent release of Rocket League going free to play, while GOG buyers can enjoy a DRM-free experience and still launch the EXE from Steam if they so desire – offering up the best of both worlds if they don’t want to use the GOG Galaxy launcher.