Evercade Getting Indie Heroes Collection 1 Cartridge

Those who aren’t enthralled by modern triple A releases should seek out the Evercade. This handheld lets players buy cartridges to play select classic and indie titles. Today yet another new cartridge was announced.

It is the Indie Heroes Collection 1 cart. As the name implies, this is another indie-focused collection of gaming goodness. Here’s a list of the fourteen indie games included:

  • Alien Cat 2
  • Anguna
  • Chain Break
  • Deadeus
  • Debtor
  • Doodle World
  • Flea
  • Foxyland
  • Kubo
  • Ploid
  • Quest Arrest
  • Super Homebrew War
  • Twin Dragons
  • Uchusen

The Indie Heroes Collection 1 cart is planned for an early 2021 release.