Ray’s the Dead Shuffling Towards a Release Date

Ray is dead, and that’s about all he knows.  Obviously that means he was once alive, but the process by which he changed from one state to the other remains a mystery.  As a shambling corpse with a giant light bulb stuck in his exposed brain, Ray can reanimate his defeated enemies and use them Pikmin-style to take on the combat and puzzles of each level.  Unlike Ray his zombie horde is mindless, and therefore disposable when the situation calls for it, but Ray is slowly getting his memories back and figuring out just why he’s got a dead-body-reanimating device lodged in his skull.

Ray’s the Dead has been a long time coming.  Originally debuting with a Kickstarter way back in 2013, that first round was canceled and retooled for a successful 2014 run.  Since then the original publisher downsized its portfolio, sending the game down the self-published route and adding an extra year to development, but after a successful demo in the Steam Summer Festival it was clear Ray was finally getting close to release.  Today it was announced that the zombie horde shambles forth on October 22, bringing its uniquely weird blend of action, strategy, humor, and drama to PC via Steam and PS4.  That latter version is also fully backwards-compatible with PS5, and for those looking for something more Nintendo-oriented a Switch version is coming in 2021.  Fun fact- the Kickstarter had a Wii U stretch goal that it didn’t quite make, which when combined with the canceled Vita version is probably for the best.  Games take a very long time to make, even from experienced crews with titles like the cult-classic Stubbs the Zombie under their belt, but so long as they finally get here it all works out in the end.  Except for poor Ray, because he’s dead.