Terror Squid Brings its Bullet Hell Nightmare to PC, Switch October 15

Terror Squid’s uniquely challenging take on bullet hell shooters makes its debut on October 15 for PC and Nintendo Switch. The basic idea is pretty straightforward: players try on the tentacles of a cosmically-large squid, one that cares not one lick about the destruction it leaves in its wake. It really should care though, because it could easily destroy itself if it isn’t careful. See the Terror Squid in action below in the game’s newest, inexplicably disturbing trailer.

As the Terror Squid, players are trying to see how long they can survive against their own projectiles. The more one shoots, the better their score and the more difficult survival becomes. It definitely sounds simple in concept, but it seems that there’s more here than just a score-attack survival game.

Apt games has said that they want Terror Squid to feel haunted, and it’s not exactly clear what that means. These crazy trailers are definitely hinting at some sort of cosmic horror element, so perhaps players should expect to see that manifest as they put more time into the game. One can only inflict so much terror before it comes back to them, after all.