Review: HyperX Alloy Origins Blue Switch Gaming Keyboard

The original Alloy Origins gaming keyboard released around a year ago and HyperX has continued to introduce different versions of it that offer different mechanical switches. The latest Alloy Origins release includes the Blue Mechanical Switches, as the rest of the keyboard design is kept intact. The Blue switches are designed for the clicky feedback, where as the previous two versions were the Aqua Tactile and the Cherry Linear. Both of the previous switches and keyboard design resulted in a fast-feeling keyboard. The Blue Clicky version, of the Alloy Origins, however, is no doubt the best version of this gaming keyboard.

HyperX maintains its minimalist design with this Alloy Origins keyboard. The aluminum body which also offers the aircraft-grade brush finish is still the most durable feeling keyboard on the market. This keyboard has trimmed all that fat and still remains extremely thin in design but also offers enough weight to keep it in place. The only issue I have ever had with the design is the fact that it attracts a lot of dust on the brushed finish itself. All of the media keys are mapped to secondary function including the option to change RGB brightness directly from a function key. There’s a tiny panel that show off caps lock and number lock, but I still feel some sort of media button or wheel could be placed here and still offer the minimalist design.

The brushed finish also allows the RGB to be shown off. Each key has proper spacing allowing light to illuminate through the crevices. There are five brightness levels and three profiles on the keyboard itself. With the Alloy Origins being wired, there isn’t a reason to not crank up the brightness to show off the lighting. The RGB can be customized via the HyperX NGENUITY Software. Macros can also be created on top of lighting effects that can be customized per key. There’s also a Custom Game Mode key to selectively disable keys that may interfere when playing a game.

While the excellent design and RGB implementation are still intact, what really separates this keyboard from the others are the switches. Everyone has a preference on the sound and feel of their mechanical switches and Clicky switches tend to be loud. These Blue Clicky mechanical switches are some of the best clicky switches I’ve seen on a keyboard. While those other keyboards felt fast to type with, this thing might as well be a jet.

The actuation is extremely fast and satisfying as the clicks won’t have people on the other side of the house wondering what’s going on. The clicks are loud enough for you to hear, but not overbearing. What does this mean for gaming? Well, if a game can register inputs this quickly, maneuverability will be instantaneous. The keycaps are still plastic and won’t necessarily offer the durability of a PBT Doubleshot like Razer offers, but everything else makes up for that including the bright fonts for the lighting.

Closing Comments:

I continue to be impressed by the HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard line as each additional switch that has been included has offered an increasingly better experience. I don’t really think having a preference of a mechanical switch would deviate a player’s decision on the Blue Clicky switch. The traditional complaints of having a clicky switch feels suppressed on this keyboard, but it doesn’t take away from the aspects that Clicky-preferred players normally like. The HyperX Alloy Origins Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard is one of the best keyboards to type with and the instant satisfaction from each crisp keystroke will lure players more to this side of things. The RGB remains bright and luminous while the keyboard itself remains extremely durable. The Alloy Origins Blue Clicky Gaming Keyboard retails for $109.99 and while a lot of the options are implemented into secondary functions, this price is an absolute steal for the experience.