Heads Will Roll In Rune II: Decapitation Edition

It’s been about 20 years since Rune first graced PC and later ported to PlayStation 2, but after a long wait and some nightmarish development issues Rune II: Decapitation Edition charges onto Steam November 13. Rune II: Decapitation Edition promises to be a worthy experience for bloodthirsty warriors as they charge into battle, leading up to an eventual showdown with Loki. The journey up to the perpetual troublemaker of a god is filled with gangly beasts and daunting quests, but new combat mechanics and a system of godly abilities will assist the berserkers on the journey. Steam players will also be able to get exclusive Dragon Armor for a limited when they jump into Rune II: Decapitation Edition on November 13. With the release date a month a way, it’s time to sharpen the axe, groom the beard and stock up on mead.