Streets of Kamurocho Coming Free to Steam from October 17-19

Sega’s 60th anniversary is being celebrated on Steam with massive sales and freebies – and the newest freebie is going to be an original game in the form of Streets of Kamurocho. Using a Streets or Rage-style gameplay setup, you’ll play as either Kazama Kiryu or Goro Majima (or both in co-op mode) to clean up the streets of Kamurocho. With the beloved Streets of Rage 4 rekindling love for the brawler genre, the timing of this release is perfect. Having full controller support and co-op play ensures that you’ll be able to rekindle some of what made the original era of brawlers so popular, and it being a freebie is a nice touch. Hopefully, this gets ported to other platforms – especially the Switch, as the genre’s fast-paced nature is perfect for that platform. The game will be available on Steam from October 17 through October 19 completely free of charge.