Analogue Duo Announced, Plays TurboGrafx and PC Engine Games

Analogue is well known as a botique, high end console manufacturer. Hot on the heels of the Analogue Pocket, they’ve revealed a new console. The Analogue Duo provides a disc and card slot to play many classic TurboGrafx/PC Engine titles.

Specifically, the system handles the following systems: PC Engine, PC Engine CD-ROM², Super Arcade CD-ROM²,  SuperGrafx, TurboGrafx-16, TurboGrafx CD. Discs, HuCards and TurboChips are all accepted, as well as original accessories.

The disc-based systems supported by Analogue Duo are also supported by Polymega. However, the Analogue Duo uses FPGA whereas Polymega uses software emulation. Pre-orders for the Analogue Duo are expected sometime in 2021. The system will cost $199.