GoNNER 2 Set For Release on October 22

Well, this certainly feels like a case of time flying. Just four months ago, Raw Fury and developers Art in Heart announced GoNNER 2, a sequel to their hit roguelike platformer. And today, we have an announcement that the game is already set for a release, and in less than a week to boot. The announcement naturally comes accompanied by a quick new trailer, which you can check out below as always.

Much like the original, GoNNER 2 features a surreal world with a ton of stylish visuals and a continuation of the IGF award-winning soundtrack, and also piles on more weapons, bosses, upgrades, secrets and more on top of that. Not to mention a local co-op mode for up to four players, allowing your friends to join in on the fun. GoNNER 2 comes out on October 22 for PC, Switch, and XB1 (appearing on Game Pass as well), with a PS4 version to follow later.